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RUPES White Microfiber Polishing Cloth

RUPES White Microfiber Polishing Cloth

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These new microfiber cloths are made from premium microfiber material. Each towel features an embossed BigFoot logo and edgeless scratch-free design. The material, weave, and gram-weight of each towel was selected to compliment the RUPES range of compounds and polishes and provides an outstanding balance of performance and utility. Starting from January 2021, the current 4 towels pack (code 9.BF9010/4) and all the tool kits that include the product code 9.BF9010/4, will be updated with the introduction of the new microfiber cloths. Each Microfiber Towel will be packed individually inside a flowpack metallic film package to ensure maximum protection.

A premium quality, dual-pile microfiber white cloth. One side features a short weave for breaking up compound and polish residues. The other side features a more plush weave for final wipe down and surface inspection.

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