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LHR 15 Mark III Polisher Complete Kit

LHR 15 Mark III Polisher Complete Kit

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Random orbital polisher (Ø125mm - Ø5”-15mm orbit)(LHR15III)
D-A COARSE polishing compound 250ml(9.DACOARSE)
D-A FINE polishing compound 250ml(9.DAFINE)
UNO PROTECT One-Step Polish & Sealant 250ml( 9.PROTECT)
Wool polishing pad COARSE Ø130-145mm(9.BW150H)
Wool polishing pad FINE Ø130-145mm(9.BW150M)
D-A COARSE foam polishing pad Ø130-150mm - Ø5”-6”(9 .DA150H)
D-A FINE foam polishing pad Ø130-150mm - Ø5”-6”(9.DA150M)
Microfiber cloth Blue( 9.BF9050)
Microfiber cloth Yellow( 9.BF9060)
Microfiber cloth White( 9.BF9070)
Claw pad(9.BF7001)
Cable Clamp(9.Z1024)
BIGFOOT apron(9.Z868)
BIGFOOT tools bag(9.Z1043/BF)

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