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EPIC Leather Protectant Coat - 1 GAL

EPIC Leather Protectant Coat - 1 GAL

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EPIC® Leather Coat is a specialized vinyl and leather protectant and cleaner that forms a protective barrier to resist staining, clothing color transfer and sun damage. This versatile leather cleaner and protectant can be used on cars, boats, RVs, shoes, and even home furniture. EPIC Leather Coat protects leather and vinyl against liquid spills and allows for easier cleanup of contamination. Advanced protection helps prevent oil and water-based stains including ball-point pen ink, ketchup, and wine. The formula forms a protective barrier and produces a satin-gloss finish. Restores a satin gloss to the surface and contains UV inhibitors. Ready-to-use product easily applies with wipe-on wipe-off process.

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