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Cyclo Polisher Model #5

Cyclo Polisher Model #5

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The synchronized movement of the Cyclo Polisher’s dual orbiting heads effectively mirrors the overlapping, circular motion of fine hand polishing. The result is a perfectly balanced machine that produces less vibration and leaves a mirror-like finish without swirl marks or risk of damage to paint. For over 60 years the line of Cyclo dual action polishers, foam pads, wool pads, and accessories that have been the preferred choice for polishing, removing swirls, deoxidation, sealant and wax application for creating a showroom finish on a wide variety of surfaces. It is also the perfect tool for boats and watercraft.

The Cyclo polisher can deoxidize gel coats, scrub non-skid surfaces and restore the luster to interior vinyl and upholstery found on boats. The Cyclo Polisher is also a very effective tool for scrubbing automotive, RV and interior upholstery, carpets and headliners and more thanks to its many grades of included brushes. The Cyclo polisher and appropriate Genuine Cyclo accessory will allow you to restore headlights, clean tile and grout, clean hockey arena boards, polish metal and much more.

In March of 2015, with the acquisition of Cyclo Toolmakers by RUPES SpA, the the Cyclo Polisher underwent several changes, and there are more on the horizon. One of the first steps was to eliminate the tumble polishing process and replace it with a more vibrant blue powder coat. This change added another layer of corrosion resistance and protection for the housing while eliminating the creation of metal polishing byproducts that were not environmentally friendly. The design and materials used in the blue Cyclo are the same as all the previous generations, just covered in a durable baked-on powder coat.

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