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EnviroCare Floor Stripper 9.5L

EnviroCare Floor Stripper 9.5L


Rochester Midland is proud to continue its legacy of innovative, environmentally-preferred technology engineered to provide industry leading performance. Our next generation “green” stripper is highly competitive with conventional chemistry. It’s low foaming and attacks all finishes – “green” and convenitional – instantly, whitening by re-emulsifying. RML’s next generation in green floor strippers is an effective, low-foaming floor stripper that instantly goes to work. Just apply to your old floor coatings and watch the coating whiten, a sure sign of penetrating and dissolving the finish and waxy build upon floors. CONCENTRATE. Do not use undiluted. Light build-up: dilute 1:8 with cool tap water, Regular build-up: 1:4 with cool tap water, Heavy build-up: 1:3  with cool tap water. 9.5L size.


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