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March 21st 2017





March 21st 2017

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Why Water Based Dressings are #Trending

July 28, 2016


One of the first things you notice about a car is how good the tires look. In the last few years, the gold standard in tire dressing was to make sure that the tires are black and shiny (to the point where they look wet for days after). However, lately there has been a new trend appearing: a matte or a low-gloss finish.

Why the switch?

High-Gloss Tire Shines are usually solvent-based and have a high silicone content. The more silicone in the dressing, the longer it lasts making it a great choice for the frequent car washers. Usually the more silicone in a dressing, the more expensive it is, but as long as you are using a high-quality professional grade dressing, like Snappy Shine Tire Dressing, a little will go a long way and to be honest, they make the tires look great. These high gloss dressings will always be popular option but there are a few reasons people are choosing to move away from the high-gloss look:

  1. High-Gloss can attract dust. Like we said, this choice is great for the frequent car washers because the results are long-lasting. But for the people who don’t necessarily want to wash their car frequently after it has been detailed, the tires might be the first place your notice dust and dirt.
  2. Safer Options. The shiniest dressings are usually solvent-based. They are flammable and not the most people-friendly products to apply. For the detailer, breathing in solvents consistently is bad for your health.
  3. Price Point. Usually a water-based dressing is going to be less expensive. It becomes even more economical because you can usually dilute it with water to get even more bang for your buck.

Our Recommendations:

Before anything else, if you are going to try switching to a low-gloss finish, you need to make sure you are getting the tires REALLY CLEAN (personally, one of our favorite tire cleaners is Brake-R Non Acid Tire and Wheel Cleaner). Higher-gloss dressings are more forgiving and can hide some missed spots. Also, on new tires, if the tire mould release agent isn’t completely taken off before the dressing is applied, the dressing will not stick to the tires. If you have any questions about products to clean tires, call us at 780-458-5373 or email us at

If you specialize in detailing, it’s a great idea to ask your customers what they prefer. From our experience, people either “love it or hate it” when it comes to extremely shiny tires. To keep it simple, you can stick to something like Appeal Super Concentrated Dressing. It is one of our most premium dressings but becomes very economical once diluted. For those customers who love the shine, you can use it straight. For customers who prefer a low-gloss finish, you can dilute this amazing product up to 1:5.

If you are looking for just a low-gloss finish, you might want to try Blue Sapphire Dressing. At full-strength it leaves a satin-gloss finish but it can be diluted 1:1 to leave even less of a shine. It is usually more popular for interior rubber and vinyl but for a lower gloss finish, it can definitely be used on tires.

Finally, if you prefer a higher-gloss finish but are ready to try something new that is both safer to use and more economical, the Technician’s choice line has come out with a real break-through in their Blue Velvet System. The application on this product is incredible! Click here for a product description and video!



We know what you’re thinking. If the point of a tire dressing is to leave the tire shiny, why even bother with a low-gloss dressing why not just leave the tire squeaky clean? Dressings do more than just make the tires look good. They act as a protective layer on the tires. They catch dirt and dust before it hits the tire which makes for easy cleaning. Tire Dressing also prevents fading on the tires original luster and adds moisture to revitalize the rubber and prevent cracking.

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June 20, 2016




Due to the devastation of the fire in Northern Alberta, we have had many customers call and ask about smoke treatment for vehicles affected. While some vehicles (and homes) will be too severe for the products we provide, we will share what we recommend for vehicle restoration for mild to medium smoke damage. For most of the vehicles affected, it will be a three step process.

1st Step: STEAM CLEAN THE INTERIOR. The first step to getting rid of any odor is to steam clean the vehicle to get rid of the source of the odor. Make sure to use a professional extractor with heat like the Ninja 150. We have also brought in Wall Wash which is a specialty smoke and fire restoration product that can be added to the extractor for added cleaning power/odor elimination.

2nd Step: Use a product or equipment that will neutralize any remaining smoke or odor molecules in the air. If you are just doing one or two vehicles, we recommend our Rid-It Eliminator Kit. It works by creating a chlorine gas which will produce a fog in the vehicle. Because chlorine is a small molecule, it can flow through the vents and into upholstery seats. If you are doing many vehicles, we recommend investing in equipment like the Uvonair5000. It produces ozone to neutralize odor molecules in the vehicle. An advantage to using this equipment is that there is no cost per treatment.

3rd step: Finally, you might chose to add a scent to the vehicle. If you are just doing one or two vehicles you should choose to go with an odor bomb. Our Odor Bombs have chemicals in them designed to neutralize any remaining odors as well as adding a pleasant fragrance to the vehicle. If you are doing many vehicles, we can’t speak highly enough of Our New Rid Odor Pro System. It leaves behind either a New Car or Leather scent. Click the link and watch the video of how it works here.

Everything is available for purchase online however we are offering special discounts for businesses that will be working up in Fort McMurray and Northern Alberta to help the restoration process. Please call us for details on pricing or for any questions.

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